Top tips for booking a wedding band

1. Hiring a local band is an advantage because they may have played at your wedding venue before, they won’t add extra travel costs or travel time and you can often go to a live show beforehand to know what to expect. At Laura & The Jazz Capsule we even offer a consultation meeting if you would like a chance to meet us before your big day. There are plenty of fantastic highly professional wedding bands in Cornwall to choose from! Some of our favourites are: Company B (exciting 7 piece with vintage style), The Strutts (guaranteed to bring the fun) and The Good Old Fashioned Lover Boys (I mean, who doesn’t love Queen?).

2. Consider when you want live music and what type of music fits. For example, you could have live music during the ceremony, during the meal, in the afternoon or in the evening. Our music is best for creating a great atmosphere and talking point throughout the day – we are a perfect addition to your ceremony, first dance or wedding breakfast. You may want to consider a party band or a DJ in the evening if you’re wanting to get wild!

3. Include music in your wedding day timeline. Most bands tend to play 2 x 45mins, with a short break in the middle. It is always wise to clarify this and a lot of bands offer flexible choices of set lengths if you ask. You might also want to check how long the band takes to set up and give them a rough idea of when you would like them to do this. Think about how the band timings will fit alongside other aspects of the day.

4. Ask questions! Professional bands will normally issue a booking contract, but some semi-professional bands may not. Either way, it’s good to have your booking in writing. An email can be a legally binding contract so don’t be hesitant in getting all of the information that you need.

5. Consider your budget and get a variety of quotes. A larger band will naturally be more costly than a smaller option and prices can range widely from £300-£2000. We would recommend going straight to the artists to avoid additional agency fees, but the old saying ‘you get what you pay for’ is fairly true.

6. Does your venue allow live music and are there any restrictions? You will be surprised how many places can’t allow bands due to space, noise or licensing reasons. Some venues have volume restrictions too, which may impact upon the type of band that you hire. It is always best to let the band know beforehand if there are any restrictions as they might be able to use slightly different equipment to accommodate.

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