Who are we?

Laura & The Jazz Capsule are a collective of professional musicians inspired by the sound and style of 40s Jazz. The band is headed up by Laura Arundell, whose love for the greats such as Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday shines through in both her songwriting and musicianship. She is backed by seasoned guitarist, Matthew Arundell, with drums, double bass and horns occasionally joining them when that bigger sound and show is needed. They are usually found creating the perfect ambience at festivals, venues and events across the South West.

As longtime musicians, Laura and Matt average over 100 gigs per year and have built extensive experience of performing both in the UK and internationally. This has included supporting bands such as Madness and Sugarhill Gang, enhancing corporate events for organisations such as ITV and BBC and playing at many of the largest UK festivals.

Photos by Greenbeanz Photography

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